Current Show

The Beauty of Diversity Art Exhibition

October 5th – October 28th

The Beauty of Diversity Art Exhibition is a group show of local Kansas City Artists whose art work is based around the theme “The Beauty of Diversity” – Showing how diversity is so beautiful in our city and our world.

Kent Van Dusseldorp – Curator
Valerie Anderson
Samantha Loveless
Larry Nigro
Paul Barker
Gene Tyner
Lindsay Friedlander
Steven Eighmay
Richard Fanolio
Sherre Whichman
Joseph Jurkiewicz
Polly McCann
Brent O’Connor
Matthew Krawcheck
Jim Grinter
Alex Raine
Anthony Christifano
Damien Wilson

Pop Up Shops by: Jill Huxtable, Julie McGuire and Paula Zurga

Music by: Ric Gordon

PAPER BIRCH LANDING : 405 East 19th Avenue North Kansas City, MO : Inside the Warriors Landing