Northtowne Arts Coalition Group Show

Northtowne Arts Coalition Group Show

Paper Birch Landing Gallery @ 6 pm to 10 pm

Join us for a spectacular evening in the Arts as we celebrate the Works of Northtowne Arts Coalition Members and Friends! The Northtowne Arts Coalition Group Show will run from August 3rd - August 30th.

Northtowne Arts Coalition

The Northtowne Arts Coalition is a non-profit corporation made up of richly diverse creative and passionate individuals, dedicated to uplifting ourselves and society through the arts.

We provide a structure for harnessing the power of artistic expression and appreciation for the greater good. The members of our organization encourage generous and continuous sharing of ideas and resources where fellowship, fun and inspiration prosper.

We will involve students, hobbyists and professional artists to insure a community of educated, informed, relaxed and inspired people who want to enhance the culture of the Northland.

Our Mission

The mission of the Northtowne Arts Coalition is to develop, enhance, and promote the arts within our community!

Our Values

At the Northtowne Arts Coalition, we hold ourselves accountable for cultivating diverse relationships that ensure we harness the power of artistic appreciation and expression, in service to the greater good. The work we do internally and with individuals, corporations and organizations will inspire and encourage these values.

This show celebrates the diversity of the members and artful friends of NAC - showing all mediums from watercolor to stained glass -- fiber art to oil painting -- the list goes on and on!


Valerie and Dave Phillips - Stained Glass Creations LLC
Barbara Akers
Sarah Akers
Valerie Anderson
Amy Fisher
Nimesha Udani
Marcy Smalley
Sarah Berger
Ashley Danner
Kristine Fotland Lmt
Abby Wolff
Wanda Greene
Tony Christifano
AJ Bailey
Alexis Bailey
Jeanie Hines
LD Herman
Holly Ann Schenk

Eco Dyed Textile work Pop Up Shop - Debbie Brugoni
We ask you to join us for the evening reception for this amazing show! Come and enjoy all of the beautiful artworks on display while hearing the sounds of musician Ric Gordon and spoken word poetry by Kansas City Poets on our rooftop patio! Food, Drinks, Art, Music, Poetry - what an amazing night! Free and Open to the public!

Are you wondering about membership or becoming a patron of Northtowne Arts Coalition? Find out more at :

Where: 3740 Broadway Blvd. Suite 300 Kansas City, MO 64111

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Small Loves Small Works Juried Art Show

Small Loves Small Works Juried Art Show

Paper Birch Landing Gallery @ 6 pm to 10 pm

Entries are OPEN for our Next Juried Show of the Year!

Small Loves – Small Works

Juror: Jim Ramirez

Entries due by August 15th

We are asking artists to show various forms of love through all mediums in a 16 by 20 or smaller size. Open to all mediums! Open to all U.S. residents. Love is a guiding force in all lives. We all have small loves and big loves in our lives. We want to see your interpretations of love. Perhaps you choose to show the love you have for your family or your partner in life. Maybe you have love for your city, country or world. Love can be shown in abstract forms in abstract colors. Perhaps you have felt the loss of someone or something that you loved. You may choose to show the love you have for your creator or for science. Maybe you have a lost love or you believe that we come from an infinite source of love. In life, perhaps there was a time when you did not feel love and you were searching for it. Some of us have profound love for our pets, for nature, for calm serenity. Love can make you on fire! Love can make you at peace. The ways that we love are limitless and we want to see your interpretations. Using a small format of 16×20 or smaller challenges the artist to show big ideas on a small format.

We will be selecting the top 30 entries. Entries will be juried by our Juror, local Kansas city artist Jim Ramirez. All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1.Interpretation and Clarity of the Theme to the viewer.

2. Creativity and Originality of depicted theme.

3. Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on theme.

4. Overall impression of the art : Does it stand on its own as a complete work of art.

5. Integration of technique, expression and organization.

All entries are due by August 15th. All accepted artists will be informed via email of acceptance on August 20th. If work needs to be shipped to the gallery, artist will pay for shipping. All accepted works may be dropped at the gallery the last week of August during normal hours.

Show runs September 1st – September 28 at Paper Birch Landing Gallery

Juried show submissions are now open. Enter through the Paper Birch Website!

Where: 3740 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64111

Beauty of Diversity

Beauty of Diversity

Paper Birch Landing Gallery @ 6pm to 10pm

To honor the Beauty of Diversity in Kansas City and across our amazing planet, along with celebrating the power of creative expression, Paper Birch Landing Gallery will hold "The Beauty of Diversity" Art Exhibition for the month of October.
This art show serves as an important reminder of how beautiful it is to be who we are. We hope to highlight art that shines the beauty of a persons soul, culture and community. We believe that diversity is one of the world's greatest assets. To realize the promise of diversity , we must ensure that everyone is included, respected and valued for their own individuality. We must move beyond tolerance to genuine acceptance and respect - and not just feel this way but act this way. To show what a vibrant community Kansas City is where we embrace our difference and celebrate individuality. Our cultural identity as Americans is shaped in the beauty of our diversity.
In a world that tries to pit human against human and tell us who is better, who is right, who is wrong - we as artists stand up to say that this world belongs to us all! Black and White, Asian and Native American, Gay and Straight, Woman and Man and Gender Fluid. We are all beautiful and we all have beautiful messages to be heard.

Where: 3740 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64111

Black and White Juried Art Show

Black and White Juried Art Show

Paper Birch Landing Gallery @ 5pm to 9pm

We are excited to announce our 1st National Juried Art Show - Black and White, for the month of November at Paper Birch Landing Gallery.
We are privledged to have powerhouse artist, teacher and writer, Polly McCann of Interurban Art House, as our Juror for the Black and White Show. With her guidance, we look forward to a spectacular show.

Day after day, we bask in the beauty of color after color. Daily, our brains are bombarded with Bright Blues, Happy Yellows, Calming Greens, Royal Purples, Angry Reds, Shocking Oranges, and the list goes on....

Black and White is as simplistic, as it is primal, as it is complex. The use of these two extremes on the spectrum encourages us to focus on the composition and subject within the piece. By pulling out colors that resonate such as blue for water, yellow for sun, we show that sometimes simplicity is far more complex than using the full spectrum of color.

For this competition, artists are encouraged to submit their best art and photography using black, white and nuanced shades in between. This competition is open to all mediums. Artists outside of the Kansas City area, that are not able to drop off/pick up artwork is chosen for this show, will be responsible for shipping to the gallery and shipping cost upon return of work if it is not sold during the show.

Entries are open until October 5th. Top 20 pieces will be selected for this show. Artists selected will have an opening night reception on the 2cnd week of November. Show will run the month of November at Paper Birch Landing Gallery, at the new location at 405 East 19th Ave in North Kansas City. (Just a ten minute drive from downtown KCMO)

Where: 405 East 19th Street, North Kansas City, Missouri