our story

Heather Collinsworth
Owner – Artist – Instructor

“I’m fairly sure that by the time that I could crawl, my mother (an artist as well), had a paint brush in my hand. I grew up in a family where all of the arts where praised and loved. So, becoming a full time artist was always my dream. For me, the arts are as valuable as the air that we breathe. Art takes our minds to other places – beautiful places, dark places, imaginary places, places where we stand up for what we believe in! As artists we have a job to show our vision to this world that we live in. As artists we also have a two other jobs. The first being, we are called to take others on a journey into places they may not know of…places of hope, pain, cultural difference, diversity, love, passion, creativity, meditation, happiness. The second being, we are called to lead the future generations! Art is being ripped from our schools and our society is moving faster everyday! It is our job as artists to ensure arts education and continuing education for the generations to come.”


Heather Collinsworth is a teacher, artist, art director, curator and art representative. In 2016 she co-founded Paper Birch Landing Gallery with Polly McCann and Tessa Elwood. Polly and Tessa moved on in 2017 to new adventures in art and writing. Polly has her studio at the wellness wheel in north Kansas city and Tessa is off writing new books – find her two published books on amazon or at Barnes and Noble retailers.

Heather proudly teaches art classes for Edgerton, Kansas parks and recreation, Spring Hill, Kansas parks and recreation, North Kansas City Parks and Recreation, We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gymnasium, Spectrum New Age Shop and More! In addition to her teaching schedule, she also curates art for the Spa on Penn Day Spa located in Westport. She also runs classes out of Paper Birch Landing, along with their resident teachers.


Heather is also an artist, showing work across Kansas City and in Denver, Colorado. In addition to all of this, Heather will be the first to say that in life her most important job is being a loving spouse to her partner, Patrick and a great mother to their baby girl. “In this world, we have choices everyday in who we are going to be. Will you be kind? Will you be caring? Will you put others needs ahead of your own? Chin up my darlings!! Ebb and flow with this wonderful life you have been given! Make your trip around the sun amazing and never forget to show love to others! Always remember, you are the only one who can be you and you are special!”