Artists In Residence


miaMia Filo is a Kansas City based artist. She began studying painting and sculpture in 2012. She was taught under the guidance of Misha Kligman, fine artist and owner of Plugg Projects. Her art has had a heavy influence on color, design and texture. She has been focusing on developing her own style, and emerging herself and her artwork into a series of new paintings. Mia’s work also reflects her deeply spiritual side. From sacred to geometry to pieces that invoke feelings of prayer and peace, Mia has developed a style of peace and love that shines through her pieces. Mia is always evolving as an artist, always digging deeper to not only be in tune with the universe but with herself and those around her. Mia’s art work reflects her healing energy and beautiful soul.

Her Solo Show – Soul Vibration – will run the month of September 2016


 HaleyHaley Sellmeyer: “I am 8 years old and I LOVE to paint and create art. I’ve been painting and creating different types of art since I was only one! I enjoy painting hearts, sunsets, beaches, coffee cups, flowers and making abstract art. I love to create, experiment and have fun dancing around and listening to music while I create my art. I approach art with a fun, creative perspective to create art for myself and other people to enjoy. My goals are to have fun! Learn, raise money for charities and to teach other kids– if I can paint and have fun they can do it too! Check out my work at haleysellmeyer and on Facebook.

Haley has been featured in the Small loves show, Get Fierce and Hey Kansas City at Paper Birch Landing.

Here is her show schedule for the rest of 2016!

August 1st– JOCO Fair- showing her artwork
Hey KC Show
August 20th– Artist Booth in Ottawa at the Christian Rally
Sept- 1st Friday at the new gallery with the Photography place that you got her in at– we need details please
Sept 24th– UnPlaza Art Fair
October- 1st Fridays at the Crossroads setting up a side walk display
October- Haley starts creating her new collections for the upcoming year
November- Raymore Arts Counsel artshow
December- Art Auction, donating artwork to support the arts and the kids in Franklin County