Giving River Images

 Giving River Images

Humanitarian and Life Photography


Let’s begin back in Alaska, the breathtaking frontier that Photographer Valerie Anderson called home. Anderson’s eye for the perfect shot and wanting to capture the beauty of life, started back when she was young. Even though it would be many years before she took her first photography class.

Anderson’s quick to say that she always goes where she is lead. With her strong faith in God, she leads a life dedicated to helping others because as she would say, “That’s just what we should do!” Humble, Kind and Funny – Anderson has traveled the United States and the World, Photographing the beauty in the everyday and the hope that is found when people come together, even in the worst of times. Anderson takes no profit from her photography, instead she works with many non profits to raise money and donate her time to their organizations. Her photography is bold and brilliant when capturing the pure  beauty  in our world and the happiness of the human race. Even in times of struggle, Anderson’s photography beautifully captures the rawness of being human in the face of tragedy and uncertain times. Above all the warmth of the human spirit and glory of the magnificence of our world shines through.


Anderson has created a non profit micro loan program for Indian Widows in India, so that women who have been widowed can start a business. This Micro loan has 100% repayment rate and has helped countless women.  A community partnership of raising funds for microloans for widows in India. Project administered through Rotary International, funded by people who care.

“The micro loans work in the following way. Our club’s Rotary Community Corps survey women who require loans for income generating activity like goatery, cows, duckery, poultry, dairy, aquaculture, we disburse the loans to a group of 10-12 women. These women are illiterate, poor and need the loans. Loan amount is $50-$100 depending on the kind of business they wish to start. Literacy programs are held and our club ensures that girl children go to school. Health and sanitation awareness programs also help. The women will repay the loans at 8% interest yearly and peer pressure is there to guarantee the loans along with interest amount.” Rotarian Madu B. from Calcutta
We are collecting tax-deductible funds from everyday folks like you to help us help the widows. 100% of proceeds go to the ladies.
Send your name, address and donation check (any amount happily accepted) to:
North Kansas City Rotary Club Charitable Fund
Indian Widow Project
Attention: Russell Fries
P. O. Box 7524
North Kansas City, Missouri 64116

Anderson also works to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The above and below photos where taken at the funeral of a young navy seaman. Through her photography, along with the families support, raising awareness about veteran suicide and prevention is at the forefront of this work. To honor the lives that have been lost and to work to assure a wonderful life and great physical and mental care for all veterans who have served to protect our lives is crucial. You can find more about the Wounded Warrior Project at

The Honor Flight is another organization that Anderson is passionate about. Below you will see photos of an Honor Flight in Kansas City and at the Vietnam Memorial. More information is located below about Honor Flight KC.







Transport America’s veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.

Helping every single veteran in America, willing and able of getting on a plane or a bus, visit their World War II memorial.

Top priority is given to America’s most senior heroes — survivors of World War II and any veteran with a terminal illness who wishes to visit their memorial. The program will naturally transition to Korean War, Vietnam War and all other veterans who served, on a chronological basis.

All men and women serving stateside or overseas.

Since America felt it was important to build a memorial to the service and the ultimate sacrifice of her veterans, the Honor Flight Network believes it’s equally important that they actually get to visit and experience their memorial.
                                               “We can’t all be heroes. 
           Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by.”
–  Will Rogers

Donate today at

 When disaster strikes, Anderson will be on her way to help and to document these disasters so that we never forget and we always remember to help one another. The above photo is from the tornado that hit Smithville. Anderson recently embedded with the Salvation Army and headed to Texas when the hurricane devastated that area. Working alongside the Salvation Army, she documented what it meant for the people in that area, the warmth of the human spirit and how neighbor helped neighbor. She hopes to raise awareness for the work that the Salvation Army provides and on such a colossal scale in times of disaster.

A love of Nature and the Beauty in everyday life, is also a part of the journey behind the lens for Anderson. From photographs in the Alaskan Wilderness, to flowers, oceans and pieces of history – Anderson has a unique eye and thought behind each shot. Capturing moments of serendipity caught in time, enabling the viewer to be able to enjoy these pieces of time forever.

As this photographers story leads on, we look now to Anderson’s faith journey. She is Mormon and is the Female photographer for the Mormon church. Her photos are on websites, in bookstores and help to keep a record of current events. Proud of the History and Story of the Church, her photography of the churches and everyday life are breathtaking. Soon, many items will be available on her Etsy page – coming soon! “Let us reach out to rescue those who need our help and lift them to the higher road and the better way.” Thomas S. Monson




PAPER BIRCH LANDING : 405 East 19th Avenue North Kansas City, MO : Inside the Warriors Landing