Paper Birch Landing

Adult Art Studio Residency

Congratulations to Artist Joanna Tremini on her 2019 Studio Residency!

Joanna is a Powerhouse Artist, working in Pastel and Digital Media – Abstract. Her Focus for 2019 is bringing to light the effects of emotional abuse in our society. When thinking about abuse, physical abuse may come to mind first. But abuse can come in many forms. Emotional abuse is just as serious as physical abuse and many times will  precede. Sometimes they happen together. Joanna will use part of her residency to shine light on this often hidden problem in our society. Working with abstract forms, she will be able to delve into meaning, emotion, communication and more through color, line and shape.

We are honored to have Joanna with us at Paper Birch Landing Gallery! Stop by during 2019 and you might catch her working in the studio or displaying her work!



2020 Social Consciousness Art Residency Program

This residency is open to artists from Kansas and Missouri or with strong ties to the Midwest. Housing is not provided. Must be 18 years of age or older. Open to painting, mixed media and fiber arts only.

Our Contemporary Social Consciousness Art Residency Program is given to one artist per year. The residency runs January 2019 – December 2019. This is a residency designed to produce a body of work that speaks to a humanitarian or global issue. Artist will have access to an open communal studio space in our Artist Underground during open hours. The Artist chosen will receive a stipend of 500.00 for art supplies and materials. Free Wifi Access. The Gallery will provide access to a store room, easel, work table. Artist must supply other materials needed. At the end of the residency, the artist will have an exhibition of the works completed and be provided with art representation for one year.


Artist must complete a minimum of 50 hours of Studio time per quarter of the residency. The artist will have the opportunity to curate one show in the 2019 season at the gallery under the direction of the art director. The artist will work as a teacher on staff for various art programs and be paid for this time. The artist must volunteer a minimum of 8 hours a month to teaching in one of our outreach programs. Artist will present a one hour lecture at the gallery at the end of the residency about the body of work.

$30.00 per application (non-refundable deposit. Not an indication that the artist will be chosen).

Entries due by October 15th, 2018

  • Applicant Info

  • Written Materials

  • A 500-word statement describing what you intend to accomplish during the year of residency. For example, this can be a series of works and/or methods to be explored during your time here at Paper Birch Landing. We are interested in how having a Paper Birch Landing residency will benefit your practice and are aware that projects change and evolve.
  • A 500-word statement directly related to the work sample submitted. Explain your clear artistic vision to the panel as it is exemplified in your work samples. Work statements will be available for panelists to read in later rounds as they view your work sample.
  • A résumé that details your artistic career; education, exhibitions, residencies, awards, etc. Résumés are available for panelists to reference in later rounds as a way for them to contextualize the work. An artist’s career point, publication, or exhibition history is not a determining factor in this award.
  • Artwork Upload

    File name: Images numbered in the order you would like them to be seen and labeled according to the titles on your list of work. (Example- “01untitled.jpg, 02sunset.jpg, 03Portrait.jpg”)

    File size: No larger than 5.0 MB (each image)

    File format: .JPG
    — No composite images will be reviewed. A composite image is a single image file that is comprised of multiple images. Images of diptychs, installations, and multi-part works are not considered composites and are permissible.

    — Images will be shown in the order they are uploaded and are projected at roughly 30" x 40" per image via high definition digital projectors. Moderators will read aloud the materials, dimensions, and date of the image; panelists will have access to this information as well.

  • Drop files here or
    • Application Submission

      Included with program acceptance: Stipend of $500.00 for art supplies and materials. Free Wifi Access. The Gallery will provide access to a store room, easel, work table. Artist must supply other materials needed. At the end of the residency, the artist will have a show of the works completed.
    • Price: $30.00
    PAPER BIRCH LANDING : 405 East 19th Avenue North Kansas City, MO : Inside the Warriors Landing