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Art Shows for 2018

September 2018 – Farm & Rural Life 

For the month of September, we are going to step into the farm land that blankets our country. With most of Kansas and Missouri filled with farm land, we wanted to pay homage to the hardworking farmers and natural places in our country. I have heard many people and artists say, that going to the quiet of the country is a welcome escape or the place they feel most alive and free. For many it is nostalgic, bringing the viewer back to the area or farm that they grew up on. Spending time out in farm and rural areas brings us back to who we are – there is a calm quiet being a place where you can hear the wind, smell the clean air, listen to the birds, bugs and cows as they hum a melody of the land. And to just sit and reflect.

This show is a Juried Art Show. Our Juror is well known International Artist Anastacia Drake of Stroke of Red Studio. Anastacia is an internationally recognized fine art painter, unencumbered by formal instruction. Her recent work delves into the connectedness of the real and the abstract by creating a conversation between color and texture. She has exhibited and sold internationally. In addition, she has won several artist fellowships, residencies, and awards worldwide. She also has Happy Cow Paintings Cow Paintings is original farmhouse paintings and decor created by Kansas artist Anastacia Drake. Anastacia has an amazing eye for great artwork and we are happy that she is joining us for this show.

This show runs in the main gallery at Paper Birch Landing. Open to the public Wednesday through Saturday 11 am to 4 pm

Art Reception – September 21 5 pm to 9 pm – Live Music, Spoken Word Poetry

North Kansas City Arts Society Members Show 2018

The North Kansas City Arts Society (formerly Northtown Arts Coalition) is comprised of entrepreneurs, artists and art enthusiasts who learn, grow and show together. They are charity focused art advocates, driven to demonstrate the principle that “we only have what we give away”. This show focuses on the members who are the driving force of the organization – celebrating the amazing art that they create. In this show you  will find every medium and style – as you see artists coming together for the sake of creating!

This show runs in the artists underground gallery at Paper Birch Landing, on the lower floor. Open to the public Wednesday through Saturday 11 am to 4 pm.

Art reception – September 21 5 pm to 9 pm – Live Music, Spoken Word Poetry

Want to become a member – find out more at’


The Curiosity Passport – Interactive Art Installation – September 2018 through December 2019



FebruaryThis Land was Made for You and Me (juried art show)

MarchWomen of the Arts in Kansas City (juried art show)


AprilTransitional Spaces  – Solo Show  – Photographer TREY 


MayLife Drawing Showcase (juried art show)



JuneBloom Juried Show (juried art show)



Julymemories (juried art show)




AugustPlein Air Northtown Arts Coalition Show (juried art show)

This show is open to Plein Air Artists who participated in the 2017 or 2018 Arts in the Park Plein Air Competition. This is also open to artists who participated in the Plein Air competition during the Swift Mile in 2017.




Our “Curiosities – the Art of the Unusual” celebrates unique art and ideas – from the macabre to the aliens to the mummified pumpkins – we celebrate artists reaching outside of the box and creating masterpieces in the unusual. Don’t miss this amazing showcase!


SeptemberNorthtown Arts Coalition Members Show (juried art show)

This show is for Members of Northtown Arts Coalition, a non profit arts organization located in North Kansas City. “Promoting the Power of Art in the Northland and Beyond”. Northtown Arts Coalition Members pay a reduced fee to show during this month.


SeptemberFarm and Rural Life (juried art show)



*Open to all mediums and photography
*Representational Farm life – animals wild and domesticated, machinery, houses, barns, ponds, people and beyond
*Representational Rural life – scenes of prairies, mountains, lakes, back country roads, family life, night sky, prairie sky, sunrise, small towns and beyond
*Non Representational is allowed too – abstract representations of farm and rural life will be allowed as well.
*3 entries per artist : 15.00 per entry
*Deadline to Enter – July 31th
*Show will run for all artists selected, the month of September 2018


October – Inspired By Diversity (juried art show)

A visual art show celebrating the Beauty of Diversity in our world. Daily we encounter people that are diverse in many ways – physical, culture, dress, religion, ethnicity, beliefs and desires. This diversity inspires artists daily by links thru business, family and friendships. But being Inspired by diversity leads us further than that, artists can be inspired by the diversity of our environment – birds, plants, animals, buildings, volcanoes, snow, mountains, oceans, prairie, cities, farms, cars, food, ballet dancers, shades of moonlight and more. Diversity is all around us — it’s up to the viewer to appreciate its beauty.

This year we are dedicating a section of the gallery to LGBT inspired art.

Artists are welcomed to enter their creations that speak to the theme of “Inspired by Diversity”. All mediums and photography will be accepted. This show is open to all artists, from the budding to the seasoned professional.

The visitors to the show will judge best in show and the winning artist will receive artist representation from the gallery for the year of 2019.

Entry Deadline: September 4

October 1 thru 31

Opening Night: October 13

NovemberBlack and White (juried art show)

DecemberShades Of Red

Artists in Residence Show Artists Underground 

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