Paper Birch Landing

Creativity for a Cause

Book a FUNDRAISER for your school, sports/dance team, church group, next big project, etc. We will provide the location and art activities for the evening; you provide the participants. The activities can consist of make-and-take projects or a painted canvas. The more people who come and participate, the more money you raise!

A painting party for a fundraiser can be SO much more fun then having to sell cookies, do car washes or make hundreds of phone calls. With our creativity for a cause painting parties, your guests will enjoy a positive & creative environment and be able to take their painting home with them once completed.

How Much should You Ask Donors to Pay

You collect and ask donors to pay whatever amount you want above our base price per person. We recommend you sell fundraiser tickets for $40 to $50 each. Remember, the goal is to raise money for a special cause with this unique and FUN painting event.

Here’s an Example
Let’s say we help with the fundraising event and you collect $50 per painter and have 45 people participate. Based on our pricing chart below, you will pay Paper Birch landing $24/person and keep the difference of $26.00 dollars per person. This scenario will raise $1,170 dollars in three hours for your special cause.

The donors love it because they get to participate in something FUN and take their canvas they painted home with them to hang on a wall or give as a gift. The fundraising organization, group or team loves it because they are raising money in a unique & memorable way while increasing awareness of their activities.

Fundraiser Base Price Per person to cover Paper Birch Landing Expenses

The minimum artist count for fundraisers is 10; maximum in-house (at Paper Birch Landing ) is 25, maximum off-site (painting) is 150, maximum off-site arts & crafts) is determined by your space at the location you choose.

We allot 2 1/2 Hours to Paint 11×14 Canvas

What is Included

We supply the simple step-by-step instruction, staff for the paint party and all the materials for your painting event such as canvases, brushes, easels, smocks, paint, and table coverings. Or, if you choose to do an “arts & crafts” fundraiser, we’ll supply all materials and instruction needed for that, as well. We’ll do all we can to make this both fun and profitable for your fundraising event!

Please contact Paper Birch Landing at studio @ or 913-490-9907 for more details and let us help customize your fundraiser to meet your exact needs.​

PAPER BIRCH LANDING : 405 East 19th Avenue North Kansas City, MO : Inside the Warriors Landing