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Youth Art Studio Residency

2019 Youth Residency

We offer a fun and innovative youth art residency program that focuses on portfolio building and exploring new ideas. One residency will be given out per year to a youth 10-16 years of age who is a resident of Kansas or Missouri. This art residency will focus on different art techniques, concepts and materials. The Artist will have the chance to work with painting, collage, photo transfer, printmaking, stenciling, oil, pastels and more. No photography or ceramics will be offered. The goal of this residency is to build a well rounded portfolio for a student wanting to pursue the visual arts in high school or college. The residency will build to a portfolio show at the Gallery in December 2019, where highlights of the past year of work will be displayed.


Artist will complete 5 to 10 hours of studio time per week of the residency, with breaks for holiday weeks. The studio time will be split between teacher lead and independent studio time for the artist to delve into their practice. Artist is required to work with the art director in their community outreach art program at least 5 hours a quarter.

$30.00 per application (non-refundable deposit. Not an indication that the artist will be chosen).

Entries due by October 15th, 2018

Application Form:

Youth Applicant

Applicant Name:*
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Legal Guardian

Mobile/Phone Number:
I herby agree that I am the legal guardian of the above mentioned and I am submitting this information on their behalf. I agree to let the above mentioned participate in this art residency program if chosen.*
Transportation is the responsibility of the artist, to and from events and gallery/studio time.

Written Materials

Essay on why you would like to be considered for this art residency: (200 word limit)

Resume for Artist - if they have been in shows, received awards or honors in visual art:

Application Fee

Included on program acceptance: Stipend of $300.00 of materials. Artist will have studio visits with accomplished artists, 2 gallery visits to meet local curators, 2 art museum visits, 1 street art tour, and a visit to a local highschool art department or college art center dependent upon age of artist selected. These visits will give the artist a sense of community and see where the next levels will lead in their art education and career.

Youth Residency:*

Electronic submission of Artwork

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Entry images must be under 5mb. Accepted formats: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

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